Give God The Glory/Send Dontions to support Woman and children   - Holy Woman of excellence
 David and Yolanda was able to work with C.A.R.E  discipleship missions on September 30,2012 -20-. Were able to help feed those in need and other service.
 Trust the Lord he has the last say.
 A new child needed  a baby sitter we were able to help.
Sauls Yabs Variety store
David & Yolanda   Sauls Has  Really Been Working Hard To be good Stewards over
many task we had to endure, for the f0urty  two years we have been together off and on.
We will not give up.  Since 1979.....
Mr. & Mrs. sauls at sauls variety store
Bishop Gaines(pastor)
Bishop Gaines(Pastor) said he had a dream
Evg .Yolanda Ann Bennett Sauls was doing good works.
Lord Bishop Gaines hope your dream comes true
!st two children at baby sitter variety storesChildren learn good habits   at Sauls Yabs variety & Holy women of  excellence. Baby sitting service.
Ayseyana & Saryia  other children who have attended.
Bishop Gaines(Tina)
 Yolanda to Bishop Gaines(Tina)
Thank you for Gods word you always taught us to read love you and will miss him. 2012
Ellen was really happy to get the product she wanted for low price.
Joanne enjoyed working with us.
Shelia wants to be a help to our company.

We contribute to Sauls yabs variety
  Shadina Blunt
    John william Bennett Jr. love to save money at sauls yabs variety                                                   John says he saved money working with us. Everyday he see a chance to save money or earn money. He feel we are independant.
At Sauls Yabs Variety it has really been a help to me.
Even With the Good bad ugly
David  think we have a  great /Ministry business because we are good to the people, when we service them.
Gus feels Yolanda  tries to be honest all the time.
Mary felt the need to work with us.  
Mike felt the need to work with us.
Sauls Yabs Variety have a lot of odd items.
They have a heart to help.
The prices are low.
Offer on time service.
A unique Ministry/ Business
          Make many smiles happen
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