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Sauls YAbs Variety
 Services on time! With all our might to help .
Many items to choose from At Sauls Yabs Variety  Call us.
Love is our greatest concern at sauls yabs variety
Family care services
ayayana & saryia atkins love sauls variety store
Your Source for variety
Saulsyabsvariety  offers you a wide variety of quality  services and products. Located in High Point NC, we understand the personal touch needed to make any  experience great. Our staff will  try and help you find anything you or your family may need. Give us a call with your needs.
Here are some of the products we offer:
  • Used & new Shoes
  • Used & new clothes
  • House hold items
  • More products to choose from.
  • Variety is our style. May have what you been looking for at Sauls Yabs Variety you may find it , if not we will search with you. 
  • Service available
  • Minisyry
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
.   Information on  Credit Repair
  • Prayer partner  
  • Health Care plans 
  • show you where you can get a legal plan 
  •  Telemarketer for your Business
  • Baby sitting for your spare time to be granted. 
Call us today.  (336)989-0027 Please call   for more information on products, and services current promotions and custom option." Ask us", if we don't have it we may  be able   to help  you find it.  We have old and new items for you to save money more like a treasure hunt.  
 Lots of experience in saving money and making you money.
Tons of information where you might save or make extra money.
Call us we will lend a helping hand.
 Through Jesus                         
Evg. Yolanda Bennett Sauls
With years of experience.
ways you can earn some extra income.
For more information on Health care plans
 For more information you can call.
With the legal plan, the company that you can get a plan that is growing. Earning new members everyday and also helping people to get that extra income they may have been looking for.
We are joining in with people who really care.
Now we have more products & information.
We are reaping the rewards.
What are your heart desires    In Jesus Will?
We offer ways we can be a blessing,  That's our top service.
We are here to help for the better ,one family at a time.
call for more info- (336)989-0027
Variety store First things first sow into good ground.
Spend money on first fruit through Jesus who strengthen you.
Thank You for any support in the New year
Love ... Holy woman of excellence , Yolanda Bennett Sauls & Sauls Yabs variety.
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