Give God The Glory/Send Dontions to support Woman and children   - Holy Woman of excellence
Friends stay forever

God is moving like he said he would

 I Thank God   for another year. Looking for a glorious time this year.
My prayers is that all is well. I know we have some trying times. On our knees sometimes help the delima. I find that to be helpful.
God is so faithful in our business when it it is about him.
Sauls Yabs Variety  is standing another year, Thank God I look forward to putting more products on line. At I thank all new customers who have supported us  this year already.Be Bless and your family.
                                                                                              Yolanda Ann Bennett Sauls
Thank God for the book that was published Dec.1,2011
I want to sincerely serve the lord.
By Yolanda Ann Bennett Sauls
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