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Holy Woman of excellence/saulsyabsvariety store


WE TAKE DONATIONS TO HELP WOMAN AND CHILDREN. the Homeless , sick people ,men as well, feed the hungry.

affordable information we donate our funds the Holy women of excellence to the cause as well so help us out a penny, nickel, or a dime would mean a lot.

ANY THING YOU CAN DONATE PLEASE CALL OR SEND DONATIONS Holy women of excellence/Saulsyabsvariety 413 Lassiter Dr High Point NC 27265 (336)989-0027 ALL THE FUNDS AT SAULS YABS VARIETY GOES TO HELPING our nonprofit THANK YOU. Affiliated with Holy Woman Of Excellence.

 ONE PENNY NICKEL QUARTER OR A DIME WILL HELP MANY WOMEN AND chidren and Widows and elderly MOTHERS AND fATHERS We wont forget about the Homeless. Thank you Jesus St. John 3:16 Romans 10:9 Acts 2;38 Matthew 6 

Thank you everyone for their donations this year. 20--