Give God The Glory/Send Dontions to support Woman and children   - Holy Woman of excellence of NC 2004-

Holy Woman Of Excellence  2004-20-
Our Ministry is based on the belief that our Mothers ,Fathers, Sisters and Brothers & Children needs are of the utmost importance to us With Jesus giving us the ability. Our entire team is committed to being  helpful with those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our  out reach has been an honor. Thank God we could be a service. We hope with the New Year coming that we  deliver you good service in the industries.

 Evg.Yolanda Bennett Sauls                                                                                                                                                                  
Vice President                                    
Emma   Jones             THANK GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.
 Jesus have been  a  blessing to Women and Children ,Mothers, Fathers ,Sisters and Brothers. Widows , shelter for the homeless.
Praise God! Thank you Jesus for all you do for us . Glory lord.
Thanks for your support a penny, nickel, quarter or dime would be fine.
Once again Thank You for all done.  

Holy Women of Excellence/        
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